Trademark Well's Private
Trademark Litigation Coaching

Let an Experienced Trademark Litigator Guide You Through the Process

Guidance and Strategy

Get your questions answered and talk through the merits of your case and get our input on strategy and tactics. 

Phone Access

You'll get an introductory hour phone call, as well as at least one hour of phone time per month. Additional time depends on availability and scheduling.

Email Access

You'll get unlimited email access. We will answer as many of your emails as we can, depending on the volume email currently being received.

Samples - Templates & Forms

Need sample motions, pleadings, discovery forms, etc.? No problem. We'll get you samples to work from.

$200 per Month - Incredible Value

This is half the cost of an hour of attorney time for a seasoned trademark litigator. The first 50 clients can join for $200 per month. After that, the price will double.

An Alternative to Cost Prohibitive Attorney's Fees

The American Intellectual Property Law Association's (AIPLA) 2015 Survey lists the median cost of trademark litigation as $325,000 (with less than $1M at risk), $500,000 (with $1M - $10M at risk), $720,000 (with $10M - $25M at risk), and $1,600,000 (with more than $25M at risk). Trademark Well's Litigation Coaching costs a fraction of that.


Month-to-Month So You Can Cancel Anytime

If for whatever reason our coaching service does not satisfy you in any way,
simply cancel your purchase at any time.

It's time to get started...

You're on this page because you're involved in a federal trademark infringement lawsuit. Regardless of whether you're the plaintiff or defendant, federal litigation is a serious matter. It's imperative that you get an early jump on what needs to be done so you have the best chance of prevailing. Let's get to work!

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